Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Love My 'Job'

Most of my days are filled with amusing little incidents involving one or other (or both!) of the kids. I often think to myself that I should write them down or blog about them so I won't forget about them, but inevitably it slips my mind as I change that blown-out stinky diaper, or clean puke out of the carpet. But not today! (Lucky you.)

Amusing incident #1:
After Lena woke up from her late afternoon nap I fixed her some ramen noodles and peas, and mandarin oranges (separately) whilst I was getting dinner going. She loves both foods and if she ran things her way I am confident that she would have noddles and orange segments for every meal and snack. That and chocolate. And cookies. And ice cream. I digress. So, I was cooking and had Oliver on the kitchen floor playing with toys. Then I heard giggling and "Good job, Oliver. Good job!" "Mmmmm. Yummy. Oliver likes it." and, low and behold, I turn to find Lena pulling noddles, peas, and oranges off her plate and on to the floor in front of Oliver, and Oliver pummelling the living daylights out of said food. It was in his hair, and on his face, and up his nose, and ground into his clothes, and just... everywhere. He of course was loving it like a pig in poop, and Alena was so proud of herself. "Mmmm. Yummy. Oliver likes it."

Amusing incident #2:
Per this post, we are teaching Lena animals and their corresponding noises. She has gotten pretty fast at spouting them off too. I am constantly amazed at the information that she soaks up, and the complex processes she has learned and which are now autonomous. But I digress, again. My conversation with Lena before bed went something like this:
"What's this Lena?"
"A cow"
"And the cow says"
"And this is...?"
"A puppy"
"And the puppy says"
"Woof woof"
"And this?"
"It's a pig. Oink Oink"
"And this is a..."
"A teddy bear"
"And bears say..."
"Roar [but deep and throaty like she has been smoking cigars recently]"
"And what's this?"
"A bird."
"And the bird says...?"
"[deep, throaty, and roar-like] Buuuuwwwdd!"

At which point I fell over laughing. Evidently we still have some work to do.

Amusing incident #3:
More a fact really. Oliver snorts when he is being tickled and laughs really hard.

I love my kids.

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  1. Maybe you should mention that Lena also knows what a butterfly says....