Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lena's Happy Birthday

Our little girl is two! We can hardly believe it. We celebrated her birthday twice; once on her actual birthday as a family with her favorite foods (egg noodles and chicken) and cake, and then a little party with some friends the day after. Lena had a wonderful time. I don't think she fully understood what a birthday actually meant, but she did know that on your birthday you have a party, and balloons, and a cake, and you blow out candles, and have fun. I could talk and talk about everything that happened, but that would be tedious. So I will share through pictures instead.
Two candles! Celebrating with family, and grandparents via Skype

Attacking the cake...

Which was kind of disappointing after last year: she spent most of the time trying to
put the cake back together after Daddy stuck his finger in the middle...

And then Oliver wanted to share...

He did a pretty good job of demolishing the cake...

And then Lena decided that Oliver would look good with a cake-hat...

Which landed both of them in the bath. (And as a side note, I love that Oliver can
sit up now and take a bath with his sister. It is one of the things I have
most been looking forward to with having two)

She was so excited about those balloons. When she saw the decorations we had put up
she ran around the house saying "Look! It's beautiful!"

I love her ringlets!

Birthday Cupcake...

And they were delicious, if I might say so myself.



And one tired little toddler after everyone had left.

Videos to come!