Thursday, January 28, 2010

Aaaaand... We're Back.

Belated Merry Christmases, glad tidings, and New Year (decade!) wishes to all. For all the (two) people that read this blog, yes, we are still alive.

It seems to be the story of our lives that we find ourselves perpetually busy with something or other. I think it is one of those sad facts in life, to spend all your time waiting for things to get less hectic so you can do other things, but then to realize eventually that there will always be something else that monopolizes your time and efforts. In our case, if it wasn't studying for the third round of midterms last semester, it was writing papers (yes, joint effort). And if it wasn't writing papers, it was studying for finals, and then racing over to SD for Claire's wedding, and then the wedding, and then the post-wedding, and then Christmas, and then driving back, and then school again, and more school, and... You get the picture. Funny thing is, though, that whilst all of our tasks seem so daunting at the time, looking back we have trouble actually pinpointing why it was that we felt so busy. Such is life, I suppose.

Is it too late for resolutions? I have plenty, so I will share a few... In no particular order:
  1. Use our gym memberships. We pay money for them every month, and yet every month we wonder why we have them, because they rarely get used. But, getting rid of them is not an option (because, you know, if you don't have one you suddenly need to have one come hell or high water), so we shall use them more.
  2. At least one outdoor activity per month. Preferably more. Not so much of a problem in the middle months of the year when the weather is more civilized, but rather a problem for me since I hate snow, cold, and boots. We are good for the month of January, though, since we went sledding about a week ago with our neighbours.
  3. Eat healthier. As of today. Last night we celebrated, and Evan came home with fish fingers, oven-chips, and apple pie. We made English custard for the apple pie, too. Between the egg yolks, sugar, cream, and the pie we could feel our blood flow being constricted almost immediately. Now my body hates me. 'Detox' time. (Note: I think detoxes are a ridiculous waste of time and resources. And I think they are unhealthy. There is a lot of merit in just eating right the first time around.)
  4. Be more organized. Hopefully then I will be able to have more time to...
  5. Keep somewhat regular updates going on this blog. I'm not kidding myself... this is not an online journal. It probably will never get used by posterity. However, we have extended family and friends all over the globe. This is kind of our way of keeping in touch.
  6. Read more. Evan and I both have very long lists of books we would like to read. One of these days we need to start making dents in them. One way we have decided to do this is by reading books together, and having 'book discussions' about whatever we have been reading. I know, I know: we are geeks.
And there are plenty more. Mostly personal stuff for me, like learning how to use all the functions on my camera that I have had for longer than we have had Oliver, playing our piano everyday, going back to school, doing artwork again... that kind of stuff. I know Evan has a mile long list of his personal goals, too. I won't bore you.

So, with that, and since I know that the real reason you are reading this is to see how our children are doing, here are some pictures.