Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Check Out Our Flickr Account!

I just posted more pictures of our family from the last three or so months. You can go here or you can click on the flickr badge to the right.


Sunday, December 9, 2007


I realized the other day that it has been an incredibly long time since I updated this page, almost two months in fact. I can't believe how much time flies when you are busy!

Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed us by and Christmas is almost upon us. Lena was a cow for Halloween and was totally adorable (I will post pictures on flickr later). Before we knew it we were flying off to San Diego to thaw out for thanksgiving... especially appropriate because, in case you hadn't heard, San Diego was on fire just a month previous to that. (Again, I will post pictures on flickr soon.)

Last weekend brought the first storm of winter and it was nice to have everything in Provo, that was looking so barren and dead, covered in a sheet of glittery white stuff. Baby didn't take too kindly to the snow, however, and when we tried to put her down to crawl around she quickly decided she didn't like it and arched her back to try to get her hands and her feet off the cold stuff. Since she was in her snowsuit, though, it had the effect of making her look like a rolling marshmallow, which, much to Lena's dismay, Evan and I found hilarious.

This weekend also brought snow. More snow, in fact, than I have ever seen in Provo. We easily got 8 inches of snow yesterday alone, and as I write this it is still just about snowing outside. (They didn't plough the streets until the evening, and so running errands and grocery shopping was quite the adventure, let me tell you!) We thought we would give Lena and the snow another chance and so last night we decided to bundle the family up in as many layers as possible and go sledding. We went to Rock Canyon Park, famous for it's bowl shape, and were astounded at the number of people there all with the same idea as us. Lena, thankfully, had far more fun than we expected her to and just loved being sent down the hill by herself, obviously with one of us at the bottom to catch her. She even rolled off mid-hill one time and when she finally stopped she was face down in snow and grass giggling away. The cutest part of the whole evening, though, went to Lena trying to crawl through the snow in her suit that already made her look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. She was in the snow to her shoulders and it really looked like a task to bring her arms out high enough so that she could move. At times it was just too much work and she had to stop for refueling - lowering her face about and inch so it got covered in snow and then licking it off. Mission accomplished.

Next order of the day... introducing our cat to the snow by throwing her in it.