Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Music Junkie

This is Oliver.

Oliver like music.

One day, Daddy was doing homework. He let Oliver watch Mighty Machines on the laptop. But it was too loud for Daddy, so Ollie got to wear Daddy's headphones.Ollie loves Daddy's headphones. Oliver loves listening to music on Daddy's headphones. Sometimes, Oliver tries to sing along.
Mostly, he likes to listen. Oliver likes to be alone with music. He gets Daddy's iPod touch, turns on the music, puts it to his head like a phone, and wanders off to be by himself.

Recently, we walked in when Oliver was spending some alone time with Miley:

The best part is when - about 0:42 in - he starts weaving side to side.

Oliver likes Music.
anyone who makes snide comments about lotion or asks why Daddy has Miley Cyrus songs on his iPod will be annihilated.