Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Big One

Lena finally turned One. We kept it pretty low key since we had a great party for her on a Friday night with Grandpa P and lots of family and friends. So, Lena spent the day at home with Mummy wearing pretty clothes and getting away with (almost) whatever she wanted. Daddy came home periodically and we even had a chance take in Lena's passport application. (That was a whole exciting experience in an of itself. I don't know if it was because she knew that she had to hold still for her picture or if it was because there were different people around but Lena went hyper when the nice old lady wanted to take the photo. Needless to say she will have the cutest passport picture in the world, but all the photo regulations went out the window.)

Being so far away, we decided that for the cake ceremony (the second one since we had one on the Friday) we would do a video chat with the Palmer family so that they could see the cake destruction. We also filmed most of it so that all the rest of you could see it too. So here is Lena eating her chocolate birthday cake. We placed the laptop (with my family on it) on the table directly opposite Lena so those are the muffled voices you can hear in the background, and it explains why Lena wasn't really interacting with us... we don't live inside the computer, and are, therefore, far too boring.