Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas

Happy New Year everyone! After a great, but sadly not long enough, break I am finally getting around to blogging about our Christmas (last year!). Lena had a blast and really started to understand the whole concept of Christmas and what was going on. Oliver had fun watching, playing with his new toys (that Lena unwrapped), and just sitting like a big lump. He is way too young to remember anything, and after seeing Lena's joy this Christmas, we are really looking forward to the next one for Oliver.

We elected to have Christmas at home on our own, and it was so wonderful to relax and spend time together, especially after the last few weeks of school for Evan. I was glad to have my husband back, and I wish the break could have been longer. I stole an idea from my parents which I am very excited to incorporate into our family Christmas traditions: Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. I like it because it means that I get to really enjoy spending time with my family on Christmas Day rather than spending it slaving and fretting over food. And lets face it, who wants to go shopping on Christmas Eve? There are never any good presents left, and all the grocery stores are bare. Plus, it makes Christmas seem longer if you start celebrating before it actually happens. I see no problem with that.

Present opening was really fun. It was so cute to see the sheer joy on Lena's face as she opened things up. I made her three tutus (so easy, and so fun) which she loved. We got some video footage so you could all enjoy it too. Sorry it is long.

Santa also brought Lena a Little Einsteins rocket - a big hit! For those of you that don't know, Little Einsteins is Lena's favorite TV show. And can I just say, having a DVR is an absolute life-saver. Being able to put on a 25 minute TV show for her at any time of the day so I can get things done around the house or with Oliver is awesome! But anyway, she got a plush rocket. She thought it was amazing. We loved it too because it cost us - I mean Santa - $6 on clearance at the Disney Store. Her is another video - it is of Lena opening up her rocket. So cute! Again, sorry it is long.

I love how she was totally excited for a cardboard box. I know what we are spending our money on next year! I also think it would be really funny to just give batteries with a note saying "Toy not included", but that might be a bit too mean.

And I also have a little video of Oliver sitting in his swing. On of my favorite parts of the morning was Lena opening up a big fluffy blanket, cuddling it, and then walking over to Oliver's swing and laying it gently over him. It was so adorable, and I wish we had have had the camera out for that one. She is a great big sister, and she loves the fact that Oliver is learning how to play with her. They both spend a good portion each day laying on their tummies sharing toys, and rolling around on the floor. Lena thinks it is really funny to dress him up in her fake-pearl necklaces, and Oliver thinks it is really funny that Lena finds that so funny. It is so great to see them together.


  1. The tutus are so fun! I also love the end of the rocket video when she says "thanks Santa!" (I'm assuming; although it doesn't sound quite like that...). :)

  2. We love seeing your little kiddos! Ryan and I just about died when Lena says "A box! Yeeaahhhh!". We definitely watched it more than once. I'm glad Christmas was great this year! We were fondly reminiscing of last year's Christmas-eve dinner together.

  3. Hi .. Been waiting for your Christmas blogs .. those two are so cute..
    alenalooks like a little angel with those tu tu's on.. and Oliver has grown. loves ya and your little family. grams Starry

  4. Actually, Emily, I think she was saying something like "Thanks guys!"

  5. I miss you guys and our babies ...... loved the tutus, especially the improvised headdress. Even Oliver is babbling now!

  6. I'm with other Grandma! They are sooooo cute. thanks for the videos; they are precious! We had a wonderful time with y'all in San Diego. Can't wait for until next time!