Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I have been tagged a couple of times to do this on Facebook. I usually disregard these things, but I thought it might be a fun thing for our blog too.

1. Tomorrow I turn 23. I haven't even come to terms with being 21 yet.

2. I can cross-reference the Harry Potter books, and have been able to since I was 17.

3. I religiously read the New York Times and the Daily Telegraph. I used to watch CNN but their blatantly biased reporting irritates me.

4. I used to swim. Fast. Over very short distances only, though. I won a few things too.

5. I hold a large amount of resentment towards my Alma Mater. Maybe one day I will be able to reconcile myself with it. Maybe.

6. I always wanted to be an architect. If I ever get the chance, I intend to go back to school to get an architectural degree.

7. I like creating art. I find it therapeutic and fulfilling.

8. We almost lost our daughter before she was born. By the grace of God we happened to be at the hospital anyway for a check up. I had an emergency c-section and a team of very skilled nurses and doctors, and now we have a beautiful, healthy little girl. Our son decided to make a rather dramatic entrance to the world too.

9. Apart from the Harry Potter books, I have very little patience for fiction.

10. I have some Polynesian blood... everyone is therefore my cousin.

11. I am also part Maori and am entitled to land in New Zealand through my iwi, Tainui.

12. I don't know if it is my Pacific Island heritage, or just being raised by my mother, but I can't cook small portions. And every time I have to cook for other people I waste tremendous amounts of braincells fretting over whether or not I will have enough food. There is always more than enough to go around though.

13. Secretly, though, it makes me happy to know that no-one has yet been able to eat more food than I can produce.

14. I am very competitive... in the things that I care about.

15. We have a cat. She is antisocial, and we hate her. But we don't have the heart to sentence her to death via animal shelter. We are waiting for her to die so we can get a puppy. She also has kitty-aids (FeLV), hence death by kitty shelter.

16. I got my drivers license last July. I know how to drive stick-shift, which seems to be a rarity amongst Americans. I choose not to drive right now because I think Utah drivers are irresponsible morons, and I don't like driving on ice.

17. I never learned how to ride a bike. Evan tried to teach me on his bike. He is 6'4.5"; almost a foot taller than me. It must have been funny to watch. We haven't tried since.

18. I don't really like beef. Or pork. I will eat lamb, but only NZ lamb, and only if I don't have to pay for it. I also don't really like eggs on their own. I like chicken and seafood. I have never really eaten much meat.

19. If I had been able to vote, I think I would have voted "No" on CA Proposition 8.

20. I hate labels and boxes. Republican or Democrat? No thank you. I would like to be able to think for myself.

21. Evan and I like houses. We have a couple of (fairly complex for dreaming) plans in mind. We hope that our journey through life will allow us to see at least one of those, and hopefully more, to fruition.

22. I never graduated from High School. Partly because I didn't go to High School, I went to Secondary School. But I still left early. I went to university at 17.

23. Sometimes I get asked where I am from, and I never quite know how to answer it. So... Born in NZ, but moved to England when I was about 5. Raised in England but as a New Zealander. Have a (more or less) English accent, but definitely don't call England home. New Zealand isn't really home either, since it is now a very different place to the NZ I remember. And as a matter of principle, Utah is NOT home. But my blood runs black whenever the All Blacks play.

24. I could eat Chuao Chocolates all day, every day. Except when I am pregnant.

25. I must confess that I "absolutely, extremely, completely" like watching the children's TV show 'Charlie and Lola' with Lena. I love the whimsical animation, the endearing relationship of the brother and sister, the dialogue, and the realistic storylines. Yes, I might need to get a life.

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